This is San Diego: Comic Con

This is San Diego is a lifestyle series brought to you by Powers Premiere Real Estate. We love to showcase events, charities and businesses in the communities we serve. Being the local expert is important to us. That's why Premiere Productions is always producing new exclusive content for our neighbors.

In this episode of TISD, host, Ivan Trujillo, explores Comic Con 2019 in downtown San Diego! Comic Con is a free public event hosted by a nonprofit corporation. They are dedicated to creating awareness for comics, items related to popular art forms and ongoing contributions of the comics art and culture. Comic-Con was founded in the 1970's and was originally held at El Cortez Hotel in downtown San Diego. Due the rapid growth of the popular event the San Diego Convention Center has now been the home for over two decades. Over 130,000 people have attended this event in recent years and is out growing the convention center facility as well. This in turn has created a campus-type feel in downtown San Diego, pouring over into local businesses and hotels. Fans enjoy dressing up and playing the part of their favorite characters.

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